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Monday, April 26

Seasonal Eats Are Best

      I love cooking seasonal dishes. It's the very best way of using fresh local ingredients, and enjoying them when they are at their best, resulting in the best tasting food, but also the most nutritious. So much is lost in transit and storage, in addition to the price the planet pays. Here is a wonderful spring supper recipe from our friends at Meatless Monday. Miso Morel Pasta with Peas I've got to wait awhile before I can get some good fresh peas living up here in the north. If you try it first let me know what you think.
     Speaking of seasonal eats, I did enjoy my first lobster roll of the season this weekend, while eating on the decks (what we call outdoor dining with a harbor view in my town). Breezy but nice. Had a cup of chowder on the side to keep me warm. My daughter had her favorite fried clams with french fries and was happy, well relatively.
     Over the last week I made eggplant parmigiana subs for the family. Those did not go over well. Not sure why, they were fresh and tasty. I prepare them with an egg and panko crumb coating, and then pan fry in olive oil with seasoning and herbs. Then bake a bit with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese.

      And my first dinner on the grill for the year did go over well. I would have expected this one to be unpopular with the kids, but it was well received. They can be awfully unpredictable. It was a lazy evening plan actually. I bought a quantity of swordfish kebabs at a very reasonable price and marinated them in hot plum chipolte grilling and glazing sauce. The ingredients of the sauce are; pureed plums, sugar, chipolte peppers, lime juice, and apple cider vinegar. I didn't make it myself, but heartily recommend it. The fish was outstanding. I served it with grilled potato slices with my first fresh herbs, and grilled portabello mushroom slices marinated in an herb infused and salty oil that also came out great. I'm hesitant to say what I really thought which is that the 'shrooms had a steaky taste that was quite satisfying. Here is a photo of that dinner in progress;

Note that veggies should always be the most abundant part of the meal.

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