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Wednesday, November 24

Food for thought;

Thanksgiving Dinner in Calories
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Tuesday, November 23

From Michael Pollan;


Monday, November 15

Autumn Soup

      You really don't need a recipe to make soup, especially one this simple. Just use what is fresh and cook it gently. Serve it with a high quality bread like this Tuscan pane, and you will be happy and nourished.

     Apple and Butternut Squash Soup with Toasted Walnuts

      Cut, peel, and boil fresh squash til soft. Drain. In stock pot saute some garlic and onion and herbs of choice in olive oil. Return squash to pot and mash with some butter til very well blended. Mash in apple sauce. Add some white wine and / or broth and maybe a bit of cream until you reach the consistency you desire. Garnish with warm walnuts and serve with buttered toast for dipping. Tell little kids this is called Squashed Soup and let them help with the squashing process.

Wednesday, November 10

Halloween Treats

      Hate to even tell you I have been having more computer problems at my house. Kid created ones too! Making do as best we can, but it is difficult to post right now.
      Here is our belated Halloween report. I served a mini - buffet for my fourteen year old daughter and her trick-or-treat companions. Of all the dishes I prepared this brain, carved from a watermelon, was the hardest to prepare and the least popular. I also served green macaroni and cheese, blood shot deviled eyeballs, mummy dogs, and vampire blood punch. Still  the chips and cheese doodles were the only bowls that came back to the kitchen empty. Go figure.

Wednesday, November 3

Top Six Foods

      Have just finished checking out a report of the top six cancer fighting foods. The foods on the list did not surprise me at all. We've long known them as super foods with life lengthening properties. What did surprise me is the recommended quantities; about a half cup of each every day. That is far more than we've been consuming at our house, and I have been making a concerted effort to use super foods regularly for years. Even with that effort I'm lucky if I am eating a half cup of each of these per week. So this is telling me that I need to step up my game. I can get more of these into out diet more often, and with the cancer history in our family, I know I must. How about you?    And is that candy just about gone???

         The Super Six

  • broccoli (best raw)
  • black raspberries
  • tomatoes
  • walnuts 
  • garlic
  • black and navy beans