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Tuesday, April 6

Get out the grill!

     I haven't broken out my grill yet, but I am getting ready, and excited. I love cooking on my big ole backyard grill and I am adamant about only cooking over charcoal or wood outside. Gas is for indoor, not outdoor, cooking. I really don't see the point of a gas grill. Seems silly to me, with a good gas range right in the kitchen. And the taste of a wood and/ or charcoal cooked burger or pizza (and marshmellows!) is well worth it. I want to share this recipe for burgers that I am especialy intrigued with because they qualify as super food burgers, and because they are quite different from the black bean burgers I usually make. The brief video is also nice if you prefer a visual cooking lesson over a writen recipe.    http://www.yogamint.com/_webapp_2875471/Get_Out_the_Grill
     The following health tips are from grillsavvy.com;

      What Can You Do to Make Charcoal Grilling Healthier?

      The first solution is to use natural charcoals instead of commercially processed charcoals that are pre-soaked with poisonous chemicals and petroleum bases. Whether you burn lumps or briquettes, they are still the same. One so-called natural charcoal brand is "Noram de Mexico’s Sierra Madre 100% oak hardwood" which can be bought at Sam’s Clubs across the States.
     You can also raise your own awareness of food safety and learn how to recognize the warning signs usually used in the food industry. A site called Food-Safety-and-You.com has a great resource of all things related to the safety of food and cooking to help you avoid buying toxic products.
     Many experienced barbecue lovers and experts advise us to cook charcoal barbeque grills on low temperature and reduce the cooking time to minimal as possible. One of many ways to lower temperature and keep grilling time short is to use charcoal smokers with completely sealed lids, such as charcoal kettle grills. These types of barbecue smokers are often very affordable (you can get one for under $50, like the Weber One touch Silver) and consider portable grills that are designed for ease of transportation.

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