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Monday, April 19

Meatless Monday / Cooking Kids

      Really want to help promote this brand new initiative by our friends at Meatless Mondays, so many resources in one spot for the whole family. http://www.healthymonday.org/the-kids-cook-monday/
     Last night I took my daughter, Grace, out to an Indian restaurant for dinner. I wanted to teach her about the long standing tradition of vegetarianism in India that has resulted in so many wonderful dishes that are now loved all over the world. She was obnoxiously uninterested. To the point where she refused to try the mango ice cream for dessert just so she could make a point. The heady aroma of ethnic spices seemed to give her a lot of trouble. I ordered a variety of things urging her to try each; naan, spinach paneer, basmati rice, and tandoori shrimp, and a cup of chai tea. It was all so tasty and lovingly prepared. I enjoyed it immensely last night at dinner, and some leftovers for lunch today. She didn't really like anything. We both noticed there were a lot of families there. I noticed most of the children were quite content.
    Here is a link to a cooking demonstration of authentic palak paneer with a recipe;

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