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Thursday, April 8

Gourmet Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

     Just when I'm trying so hard to cut down on cheese (I adore cheese) I keep getting messages from all over the world wide web that showery old April is National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Month. I felt that a blog devoted to pescetarian parenting woud certainly be remiss if we didn't acknowledge such a fabulous fake holiday. Who doesn't love a grilled cheese sandwich? A comfort food if ever there was one. But the relatively boring old American "cheese" on buttered white bread does not have to be the sandwich that you take your current comfort in. And children should explore the many wonderful varieties that can be created. This is one of those times when a panini grill would be nice, but I'll soldier on with my old cast iron pan as I have been doing for years. I'm going to share two of my all time favorite versions, and a third from another blog that sounds like a pescetarian dream. All would still be good with the traditional bowl of tomato soup.

     Melted Mozzarella Panini

     For this you want a nice thick Italian bread with some heft to it. Heat up pan. Use olive oil instead of butter to prepare outsides of bread. Layer the bottom bread with slices of the freshest mozzarella you can afford. Top that with freshly sliced tomato, and then chopped fresh basil. Gently grill on both sides until very warm and cheese is melted. Serve cut in half.

     Grilled Granny Brie Sandwich

     For this you can go with your favorite bread. Pictured above on a seeded soft Italian white. Layer one slice with brie cheese and the other with a bit of honey. Top the cheese with freshly sliced Granny Smith apple. Gently grill in a modest amount of butter on both sides til warm and melted. I used to do this with a slice of smoked turkey, but it's not at all necessary, and I think children would prefer it without. A few chopped walnuts can be added if you need some protien. Serve cut in quarters.

      Gourmet Grilled Cheese: Southern Style Crab Grilled Cheese Melt Sandwich Recipe

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