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Tuesday, March 2

On Predictions, Peppers and Processed Foods

    Well, you just never know. The chili rellanos, which I (not usually a big pepper fan) found heavenly, didn't really go over particularly well with the rest of my tribe. Neither of my kids had anything nice to say about it, though my son had polished off the leftovers before the sun was up. Joe compared it to quiche, which though he loves quiche, seemed to be a negative comment. What surprised me more, was how much Joe and his son raved about the vegetarian chili with corn bread topping that I served after. I assumed they would not really relish the absence of carne in their chili. Instead they both told me they thought it was one of the very best dishes I have ever served them. Even more surprising was Joe praising the addition of lentils, the quintessential vegetarian protien! I'll post more about the chili soon. In the meantime, here is a photo of the chili rellanos in production. I wanted to note that I toned the cheese content down quite a bit from what the recipe called for and it was fine. I think my guests would have preferred more heat.
Also, please take a look at this trailer for a new documentary that seems worthwhile. It's the same thing Michael Pollan is saying in his wonderful new book Food Rules (Do read that, it's an easy and informative little thing);

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