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Friday, March 19

Early Spring Asparagus!

   March. In between storms from a very angry March lion this year I've been doing what I do every March. Celebrating Saint Patrick's Day. To me that means good friends, Guinness and the gorgeous green goodness of the seasons first asparagus. This is truly one of my favorite vegetables. When I lived in Germany I was able to participate in a local ritual that had been going on for hundreds of years, the white asparagus festival. I still miss that. Here is what the plant looks like in the garden. It isn't easy to establish an asparagus bed, but the payoff will give you years of yumminess.

     The beautiful green variety we grow here is delicious too. I eat it all summer as I love to cook them on my charcoal grill, but in spring, I try to find new and intersting ways that the rest of the family might enjoy too. I tried this recipe; Penne with Ricotta and Asparagus which was not received with great enthusiasm, and I made an asparagus quiche with portobella mushrooms and scallions and a rich Irish cheddar that was pretty good. I saved the last handful of spears to serve my favorite way, sauteed in olive oil with a generous shake of seaweed gomasio, served with a fresh piece of fish, slice of artisan bread, and glass of red wine. That will be dinner tonite.
     Tomorrow night I am attending a vernal equinox bon fire and pot luck dinner and am wondering what my welcome spring dish will be. Any suggestions?