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Tuesday, March 23

The Sky is Falling

     Well, this isn't much of a foodie week for us. I'm on the last leg of a spring cleansing juice fast (I'm so hungry!)  And we've been having a bit of rain here in the northeast. This morning when I went downstairs (for my unsweetened coffee, blah!) my son showed me that the kitchen ceiling was leaking. Again. It's a brand new ceiling, just redone 6 months ago after the damn ice dam damage of the previous winter. Looks like the leak in the roof is still active. After awhile I was starting to appreciate the peaceful sound of the rain water dripping into my good cephalon stock pot, when suddenly, soddenly, the plaster started coming down in chunks. Depressing, and messy. So not a lot of cooking has been going on around here lately. It was supposed to be a special week of tofu experiments for us. I want to teach my daughter to cook one of her favorite vegetarian dishes, miso soup, so she can whip it up whenever she wants to. And I am really looking forward to trying this dish from Meatless Mondays; a cabbage salad with nuts and fried tofu. I'm really, really looking forward to it. Did I mention that I'm a little hungry? Will write more soon. If you get a chance to cook this before I do please write, and describe it to me, in great detail, maybe with some photos...

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