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Wednesday, March 3

Food Rules

    Food rules are pretty good to have, especially when you are trying to raise children to be healthy eaters for life. I do concede that this is an immensely challenging task in our society, where children are bombarded with an over abundance of poor food choices (that become habits), are often disconnected from the sources of their food/ nature, and are the vicitims of shameless marketing pogroms that undermine the best parental efforts. Some of the rules that I have been a stickler about are; no wasting/ take only what you need, take at least a polite taste of everything, party foods are for special occasions and good fresh food is for every day, drink a lot of water, eating together as often as possible is important, and manners matter.
     Yesterday I mentioned Michael Pollan's wonderful little book of excellent Food Rules that really would make marvelous family reading. You  could discuss one different rule at dinner each night. I think I'll do that! I just came across this wonderful related article that Pollan put together which is also very entertaining. I'm also impressed that the whole thing came about through blogging. And I discovered a local fresh food and flower grower on the list and was even more excited. It's a small world. And we do need a few rules to take care of this precious little planet, and it's littlest occupants.

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