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Tuesday, March 9

Flatbreads and Naked Chefs

      My daughter and I went out to dinner tonite and it was so wonderful that I have to blog about it! First we shared a delicious salad with a sprinkle of seaweed on top. Grace then had the cheese and herb flatbread which is delicious, but I ordered the vegetarian special.  ~ A flatbread with whole milk mozzarella, cilantro dressed organic tomatoes, cumin roasted corn, spiced black beans, grana padano (an aged hard cheese) and herbs, all topped with an avacado aioli drizzle. Washed down with a Moat Mountain Stout. Damn, that was good.
     Please, please watch this youtube and share it with others. It is a talk given by The Naked Chef who is still very cute with his clothes on, but it's the message that matters here. And it matters a lot. I am so excited that this guy is bringing a show to prime time TV that is going to reach the masses. Nothing but good can come of it, and there is the very real possibility that a lot of good can come from it. I so share his wish.

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