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Saturday, March 20

Got Milk?


     This is interesting and kind of fun. You can teach the kids to do it. One thing is for sure - it should not be a secret. This is a good time to think and talk about what the sources of your dairy products are. Keep track of the origins of the next half dozen or so dairy products you buy and see where they are coming from. Maybe also logging the price you paid for that item as well. Then you can sit down and decide how that information sits with you. Find out (if you dont already know) what closer sources you have to choose from for dairy products. Do a little bit of googling about those farms. How do they operate? What prices do they charge for the same item? Make a careful and informed decision. We don't have to be manipulated consumers anymore. I'll keep track for awhile too, and we can report back what we all learned and decided. Do it for your own health, the kids, the planet, and the girl below...

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