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Monday, July 19

Tofu Ideas

     Tonight I'm going to try preparing tofu this way, suggested by Meatless Monday in their offerings this week. It sounds like it would appeal to the kid palate if you cut out the horse radish; Baked Indonesian Tofu. I'm going to add a vegetable to the mix, perhaps the petite Brussels sprouts I have in the freezer.

     Last night I also served tofu two ways. It was our weekly Sunday night cookout in the backyard. I was grilling a sword fish steak for my son and I to share, and so prepared a slice of tofu for my non-fish loving pesetarian daughter in the same marinade and grilled it for the same amount of time, thus no added trouble or fuss. I was also preparing one of her favorite dishes; mashed potatoes. While I strive to notch up the healthiness of the dish the best I can by adding lots of my fresh herbs, and using a blast of olive oil and Bummels and Browns yogurt spread instead of butter, last night I tried something new by mashing in a slice of tofu as well. It worked well, the taste was indiscernible. I would however whip or beat it in next time as the manual mashing that I prefer failed to make the tofu invisible. Here is a shot of dinner before it was devoured, served with a salad made mostly of my own organic lettuces and a scoop of the fish monger's cole slaw. Veggies should be the bulk of every meal, and you want to incorporate as many colors as possible in every meal, which is a fun way to involve children in meal preparation.

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