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Sunday, July 18

Easy and Elegant

     Here is a quick and easy pasta dish that stays on the healthier side while still tasting delightfully decadent. It takes just minutes to prepare, but tastes like hours of work was invested.

     Pan fry, in a small amount of olive oil, one package of high end fresh ravioli (I used tomato mozzarella for this version) along with a very generous amount of thickly cut mushrooms. This is key - the big beefy slices of 'shrooms encourage the eater to go easier on the pasta without even realizing they are eating more veggies than carbs.

Stir gently and attentively til heated through then add your favorite sauce. As this was a quick meal for us, I used jarred sauce but a very fancy creamy marinara. Once heated, plate with a half handful of freshly grated Parmesan cheese. I wish there were leftovers!

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