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Wednesday, July 21

Thai shrimp salad

     Here is an example of creating a new dish out of a series of creative errors. Cooking should be fun! The intention was to make Thai shrimp lettuce wraps. I have a bounty of fresh organic lettuces in my garden and wanted to try showcasing them this way, and I had a social engagement tonight I needed to bring a dish to.

     First, I made several modifications to the recipe mostly because I wanted to use what I had on hand, ie: my fresh chives were substituted for scallions. And the recipe called for 2 lbs of shrimp. I used much less than that and added a generous amount of vegetables instead, mostly bean sprouts.

     Then came the presentation. I began rolling the lettuce wraps with a dollop of rice and stir fry and securing them with a tooth pick, but it was clear right away that they were going to fall apart, so I abandoned that idea and layered everything in my fancy new pig bowl. It would have been messy to eat these with our hands and I think I'll much prefer serving it and eating it as a salad with a fork.

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