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Sunday, July 11

Pea Shoot Potato Salad

     I love cooking with fresh pea shoots and pea tendrils. The latter are to me one of the prettiest edible plants of all. An even bigger bonus is how nutrient dense these little baby greens are. Though you can cook them I tend to stick to raw uses, and most often just toss them into salads or sandwiches. This afternoon I was making a potato salad for our Sunday night dinner, and as always was trying to think of new ideas for how to improve on the healthiness of the dish without forfeiting the traditional taste that people expect. I had a package of pea shoots on hand, and decided to chop up a substantial handful while I was chopping up my fresh chives and some celery that I was putting into the mix. I loved the way they blended in without the kids knowing there was a vegetable in there at all! Another change I made that was indistinguishable to my taste buds was that I replaced one third of the mayo dressing with cottage cheese. I used all of the herbs that I always do, lots in potato salad, including seaweed gomasio and a few shakes of Bac 'Uns and a splash of pickle juice. I also use red skin potatoes and leave most of the skin on for the nutrition boost, and I use omega 3 eggs. I was thrilled to see my fussy vegetarian daughter take a huge second helping. You can't get a bigger endorsement than that!
     Here are EatDrinkbetter's top 10 pea shoot recipes, and a shot of my salad.

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