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Thursday, June 24

A Taste of The Taste

     Last night was a big night out for me, and one of my favorite social engagements of the year. It is called Taste of The Nation, a fundraiser for Save our Strength, an organization that works to end childhood hunger. You may have one of these events each year in your town. If you don't, you should. I will share with you just a very small sample of the vast array of amazing very small samples provided by hundreds of local food and beverage pros from my region. The emphasis is on gourmet goodness using fresh local ingredients.

The early evening sky over Strawbery Banke upon our arrival.

What it looks like under the tent. Each vendor sets up their own exhibit, and most feature two appetizers.

This was a delightful little crab cake operation.

I wish I had this recipe. It was a bruleed Caprese tomato where the balsamic glaze was torched and caramelized. I crazy loved it!

There was a huge assortment of tuna treats available. This was one.

Tomato croquettes with a variety of toppings.

This was one of the stand out winners for me, made by a little breakfast lunch spot that doesn't pretend to be high end. They are mini eggs Benedict Florentine made with fresh local quails eggs. Can't describe how tasty that was...

Shrimp Diablo deviled eggs

Fresh figs aren't quite in focus. Another winner was blue cheese stuffed dates.
Crab and cucumber canapes with yellow watermelon. Very refreshing on a hot night.

An entirely edible salad created, from seed to table, by master gardener John Forti.

Many wonderful wines and micro brews were available. This is one of my all-time favorites.

I was so full, I skipped all of the sweets, but took a few photos for you.


     The crowd was  cuckoo over Clyde's Cupcakes.

BFF Barb who will be my guest blogger if I ever get to go on vacation.

About that time I put my fork and camera away and hit the dance floor...
         Hope I have inspired you to participate.

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