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Monday, June 14

Orange Blueberry Banana Pancakes

      I have posted about pancakes before. I'm not a big pancake fan myself, but it is one of my fussy daughter's favorites, so I do whip up a batch every now and again. And yesterday morning when I woke to a house full of guests, it seemed the only thing to whip up in a jiffy. I do prefer to add nutritious mix-ins to the batter, which my daughter frowns upon. For example, I would love to serve this super food version shared by Meatless Mondays today; Orange Blueberry Banana Pancakes
     I hadn't thought that a meal of pancakes and fruit was a bad thing, but have been feeling just a bit guilty about that since I read this post at another mom's blog; http://trueslant.com/dreenaburton/2010/03/03/do-you-know-whats-in-your-pancake-syrup/.
      I do completely concur about allowing children to eat fake syrup. That stuff is nasty, and usually what you will be given in a pancake house. Seems ironic, but is all about $. As with the use of good butter, I think the best solution is to buy the best locally made products you can find, and teach your children what they are, how they are produced, how much they cost, and how necessary it is for the health of their bodies and the planet, to use them very sparingly and respectfully. My children have participated in churning butter and making maple syrup from first tapping of the tree to last bite.
      Any New Englander eating fake syrup "should be 'shamed".

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