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Monday, June 21

Sunday Shrimp on the Barbie and Rhubarb Bread

      We weren't really celebrating Father's Day here yesterday, it was just me and two kids, but I did prepare a slightly special dinner on the deck. I marinated a good pound of jumbo shrimp in a marinade I whisked up on the fly. A mixture of lime, lemon, and orange juice with some garlic, olive oil, and low sodium soy sauce, and lot of parsley and cilantro. I left that chilling in the fridge along with a baby red potato salad blended with a dressing of half mayo and half Greek yogurt and lots of my fresh chives, and I left the half husked corn on the cob to soak in cold water, while I worked out in the yard all afternoon. After lighting the grill (you may have read in a previous post that I will only cook over charcoal or wood outside) the corn on the cob and shrimp veggie kebabs grilled up quickly and deliciously. It all went down very nicely with an ice cold lemonade. Toasted marshmallows were offered for dessert before the coals died out.

     And here is a recipe I scored from Meatless Monday today that I really want to try because I still have some rhubarb in the garden that I need to harvest and I have never made a bread with rhubarb before. I have a couple of social engagements this weekend and I am going to need something to bring, so I would like to try this. http://www.meatlessmonday.com/rhubarb-nutmeg-bread/?utm_source=Meatless+Monday&utm_campaign=8428d3dd63-Eater%27s_Digest_Monday_06_21_2010&utm_medium=email


  1. What a great dish combo! love corn on the cob, I can tell summer is coming...almost there.