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Monday, August 30

So terribly sorry for the lack of posts recently. It's certainly not for a lack of food related matters to post about. it has been due to an evil, and obviously carnivorous, wormy virus that attacked my computer. It is still in the shop actually, apparently worm removal is slow work, and I'm trying to make do with a little broken net book that belongs to my daughter.  For example, there is no return button. Not sure what to do about that.  The above pasta dish was a rich and rather tasty  spaghetti with butternut cream sauce that I made recently. As you know if you've visited here before I am all about cooking with what is fresh and local to the greatest degree possible.
     The above dish was another easy and quick pasta dinner made by sauteing in a bit of olive oil and garlic some fresh vegetables from the garden. That evening it was cherry tomatoes and slices of patty pan squash. Once soft adding fresh gourmet ravioli (whatever your favorite kind might be) and basil. These were crab meat with asiago cheese. I sprinkled that with freshly grated Parmesan. The abundance of chunky vegetables in a serving can help prevent the overeating of pasta for those prone to doing so. Lovely with a glass of wine.

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