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Tuesday, August 3

Fishwich and green fries

     Things have been very hectic here. Getting ready to launch my first born child. It's a fairly emotional experience. You really run the gamut of emotions every day. And I've been cooking for him a lot over the last week as he really is my favorite person to feed on the planet. He has, with only a handful of exceptions, loved the food I put in front of him. So I have been indulging him, and me truth be told, with a few of his favorite dishes, and they don't all qualify to make this blog.
     Here is one, that though fried, is a relatively healthy dinner, and he and I both enjoy it.

     Buy enough white fish, any kind will do, for each person to have one serving. Clean and pat dry, then marinade briefly in skim milk.

Then toss each fillet in flour on both sides.

Then toss each in a mixture of whole grain crackers crumbs and fresh herbs.

Then gently fry each fillet in a light amount of canola oil a few minutes on each side. When almost done melt a slice of cheese on top if desired.

Serve on a roll with a slice of lettuce and tomato. I like mine with aioli mayo or just ketchup, though many people prefer tartar sauce.

The side dish is called green bean fries and most teenagers will easily convert to them because they are so dang tasty! Toss clean and trimmed green beans in olive oil and sea salt and bake in oven til crispy. Remove to paper towel lined plate before serving.

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