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Tuesday, August 10

I Say Tomatoes

     Well, my boy has moved out. He is off to his college apartment. Cooking, as well as grocery shopping, in my household has now changed drastically. Feeding him has been one of my principal pastimes for eighteen years. Now there almost seems no need to cook. My daughter doesn't even like cooked food very much, and cooking for the unappreciative is a waste of psychic energy as well as money. As for me, I am trying to cut down on carbs in a continued quest to get my middle aged health isssues back under control. My doctor reports that I am having blood sugar issues and I have been trying to learn how to manage that within a pescetarian framework. It is comforting to know that the super food diet I have been primarily practicing for several years now seems to fit quite well. I have given up my worst nutritional habit of all, morning coffee with french vanilla sweet crap, and though not happy with soy silk, seem to have adjusted to it now. One of the super foods previously mentioned is the lovely and luscious summer beauty; the tomato.
     Very frustrated that my tomatoes wont turn red, I'm having an excellent season with cherry tomatoes, but the big ones are all still green. My basil is ready and I am jonesing for some Caprese salad. Soon.
     Summer makes us think of eating tomatoes cold and raw most of the time, but it is important to remember how wonderful they are when cooked, and how simple that can be as shown in this delicious recipe from Meatless Mondays.
     Baked Tomatoes with Thyme

This is what I want...

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