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Tuesday, May 4

Pasta dishes and Lentil Balls

     Have had a few great meals since my last post. Back in December when I first announced to my friends that we were going on a pescetarian diet, one of my best girlfriends said "Don't resort to a pasta diet." I assured her I wouldn't do that. But this week I may have overindulged in pasta. A few days ago; truffled lobster macaroni and cheese, served to me with a side salad at a new retro diner near my house. Delightfully decadent.

I had half of it for lunch the next day, and even the half portions seemed so rich I felt the need to waddle to the gym. A few days later I bought some fresh local shrimp and was craving the garlicky goodness of scampi even though it is not a dish that my children appreciate. I whipped this up, shrimp scampi with spring herbs, and served it over fresh (not boxed) linguine, with just a bit of freshly shaved Parmesan cheese. As my kids didn't devour this dish I also had two meals from it. And back to the gym I went.
In a desperate attempt to redeem myself as a healthy food blogger I am going to whip up this super-food recipe shared by Meatless Monday yesterday. Lentil Balls with Raita. Now if you'll excuse me I've got to get back to the gym.

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