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Monday, May 17

Fiddleheads and Sea Scallops

     In spring a young woman's fancy turns to thoughts of fiddleheads.
     Ok, I am playing fast and loose with that notion, just for fun. Fiddleheads though, should never be treated fast and loose. On the contrary. Fiddleheads need to be slow and tight.
     I'm not sure if the rest of the country enjoys fresh and local fiddleheads as we do in here in the northeastern United States. After our long hard winters they help us mark the beginning of our warmer, funner, usually happier season and we rejoice in seeing them and eating them. I love the name, obviously after what they resemble. Here is what they look like just after washing and trimming the woody ends. You can see what they actually are; tender fern fronds yet unfurled.

     There are lots of ways to prepare them, just simply sauteing them in garlic and butter will do just fine. It is generally accepted that you should blanch them first in boiling water and then remove to a quick ice bath before proceeding with your recipe. This serves two purposes; to remove any bitterness and to bring out an even brighter vernal green color. Tonight I found myself out of rice, and turned to baked potato to serve this recipe over. It worked out well.

Sea Scallops and Fiddleheads

     Heat 1 T butter and olive oil in frying pan. Saute minced garlic then adding one at a time; chopped onion,  mushrooms, and prepared fiddleheads, stirring for a few minutes each time. Then add washed scallops (mine were so large I cut them into thirds) and stir. Add white wine and let simmer briefly. Season to taste. Serve over an open baked potato with a dollop of sour cream tossed with fresh garden herbs.

Here are the nutrition stats for fiddleheads;

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