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Monday, May 31

Holiday Meals

      Happy Memorial Day. Hope it was celebrated with healthy and happy meals all around. At our house, we have a tradition of having a Clam Bake in a Pot, often cooked over an open fire out back. This was the first year that I omitted the kielbasa. We didn't miss it. Here is a photo of our pot just before we dug into it a few hours ago.
     As with many of my recipes I really don't feel there is one correct way to prepare a clam bake. If you have good fresh ingredients and pay close attention to cooking time you will end up with something very tasty. This pot was just for me and the two teens, but I do include enough here to make a chowder with the leftovers (which you'll hear about in a couple of days).
     So to start - in your large stock pot saute some garlic and chopped onion in butter and olive oil until soft. Then add six new potatoes which have been washed and chopped in half and enough water to cover. Boil til almost done. Then add fresh chopped herbs, I used parsley and chives with pepper, sea salt, and gomasio, then layer in 3 ears corn cobs halved, a large white onion quartered, 3 pieces kelp, 2 lbs. mussels, 2 lbs. steamers, and whole lobster. Pour one cup white wine (beer or stock work too) and another cup or two of water. Squeeze the juice of one lemon over all and toss the rinds in. Cover and keep on a strong simmer until all foods have been fully steam cooked. I serve straight out of the pot at the outdoor table with fresh rolls and melted butter mixed with fresh herbs from the garden. And of course a glass of good wine for me.
    Here is my pick of the week from Meatless Mondays, which I think would also make a great holiday meal. Artichoke Spinach Strata

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