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Tuesday, February 16

Veggin' Out

     This post will be of the most interest to people who live in my area, southern New Hampshire. It's an article by Kristyn Miller about the best vegetarian restauants in our region, with wonderful descriptions of some of their best offerings. I've only been to a couple of them, so I plan to make it to all of them over the year, and will write about what I sample when I do.
      A few days ago I picked up the new cod sandwich and fries from Wendy's for the kids. I think it is important not to completely ban fast food from kid's diets, but to allow it a few times each year and to model what to order. I also was curious as to what the "new" sandwich tasted like. It was ok, as fast food goes I guess. My daughter wasn't interested at all, so my son ate two. I'm glad they are offering it, but I'm not recommending it. Try Kristyn's tips instead;

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