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Monday, February 8

Love, Beans, and Obamas

     I'm starting to plan my Valentine's Day menu (I like to cook a special dinner for my loved ones on Valentine's Day). And this recipe, featured on Meatless Monday today, is at the front of the running right now.Quinoa Chili  is from a post called Cooking for a Vegan Lover, but can be served to lovers of all shapes and sizes and really does sound like an excellent choice for this special day.Perhaps I'll serve it as a first course... I just happened to pick up a bag of cranberry beans at a local gourmet food shop yesterday, and because they are so beautiful I want to do something special with them. (I'll write more about them in an upcoming post, research is still underway.) Maybe love is in the air this week, but so far I can say that the more I get to know the cranberry bean the more smitten I am gettin'...
     Also wanted to share this piece from The Washington Post in case you missed it. I've been closely following and am so happy about the first lady's work on nutrition for American children. I am starting to get more fired up than ever about the food service in my local school system, especially as my daughter is bringing home reports of how much trouble she is having with vegetarian choices at her middle school. I am sure I'll be writing more about that too.
     Almost forgot to say that the culinary highlght of the weekend was, by far, when Joe brought me out to dinner on Saturday night to The Three Chimneys Inn in a nearby town, and I had pan seared scallops over lobster risotto with asparagus, followed by espresso creme brulee. I loved everything about that meal.

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