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Sunday, January 3


to my weblog as I embark on a (for now) one year foray into a vegetarian diet supplemented by seafood.
     I have for several years been eating a primarily superfood diet (I'll write more about superfoods at a later time) with lots of seafood, but also lots of turkey and other poultry. My reasons for doing so have always been fairly equally divided between concerns for my health (and my children's) as well as for the earth. At times, far too often over the last year, I have ventured off this path and eaten pork, and even beef.
     Over the last couple of months, coinciding with my weakest dietary adherence in many years, both of my children (I am a bit proud to say) have been expressing an interest in vegetarianism. Of course I felt I should encourage them, and after a few discussions, found their interests to be genuine, and their willingness was just the impetus I needed.
     So we have resolved, as a family, to try a pescetarian diet for the new year. I am excited about the possibility of our combined effort. There are so few things that we are in complete agreement about, so that that alone is an exhilirating new start, and I am hopeful ~ for invigorated health ~ for me, my loved ones, and maybe something more we can do ~ something beyond our little bungalow and garden ...


  1. Tammi - I've been sometimes a vegetarian and sometimes a pescetarian for about 15 years now and it's a very easy & delicious lifestyle. In Portsmouth especially, it's really easy to be vegetarian; having the seafood option once you start traveling though (and for going to other people's houses) is a great compromise. We should share recipes sometime!

  2. Yes, let's do that! I'd love to get a couple of your favorite supper recipes that teenagers would enjoy.

  3. I used to try stuff out on my teen nieces all the time :)

  4. The vegetarian/pescetarian route is a fantastic one. I was vegetarian for a little over a year, and have been pescetarian for close to a year, and I found that (once you get used to it all) the lifestyle isn't difficult to maintain. Probably the best benefits have been the level of energy I've gained and how in tune I've become with my body and its nutritional needs. Best of luck with the move!

  5. (Actually it's the H.I.'s Missus):
    I've been what I like to call a Fishetarian since I was about 11 years old. Growing up in Texas I didn't like the taste of meat (except for pork go figure, hence my cravings of bacon from time to time) so making the transition was easy for me. Luckily the Gulf has great seafood and luckily I loved all veggies and soy proteins as does my meat eating hubby. He's even posted some great fish and vegetarian recipes on his site, http://thehealthyirishman.com. I'd say the most important thing to be aware of is eating sustainably, knowing which fish to eat and which ones to stear clear of. If you need any help let us know!

  6. Thank you so much, I'll do that.