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Friday, January 8

Pescetarianism: The Way It Is

     Pesce is the Italian word for fish, and I think it is fairly obvious that the term pescetarian denotes a person whose diet rules out land mammals, but apparently there is great confusion, and even controversy about this. If you google it (please don't waste your time, I've done the legwork for you) you'll get all kinds of nonsense to sort through. There isn't even agreement on how to spell or pronounce it! But  I refuse to get involved in all of that. Here and now, on this blog, I officially declare (oh the power, pesce-power!) the way it is;
     Pescetarianism is a dietary choice of a primarily vegetarian diet supplemented by seafood. It's not very complicated. Nor is it new. It's just not very American. The diet, and it's significant health benefits, has long been practiced and proven, by Mediterranean and Japanese populations, among many others. In fact, Americans have shown the opposite to be true; that a diet heavy in animal fat and refined carbohydrates has significant ill effects. My children and I have many genetic risk factors for cancer and heart disease that have made us even more cognizant of dietary influences on health then perhaps others need to be.
     I'll talk about individual health (and Earth) benefits throughout the year, but for now, back to basics. A proper pescetarian diet allows for, but does not rely on, seafood as the primary source of protien. Our diet will incorporate many sources (variety is essential in any good diet) of protien including; beans, soy, nuts, and dairy. For us this will be an increase, but not a change, to our current diet. I know it will be a particular challenge for me to not go overboard with cheese, which is one of my greatest weaknesses. (You may have to keep an eye on me there...) Like a vegetarian diet the bulk of every meal is fruits or vegetables. At this particular time in our lives this really seems to be what my children and I most need ... In my next post I'll introduce the cast of characters to you.

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