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Monday, April 5

Feedback on my Easter Feed and Tofu Tacos

     Easter was exhausting, and I am still recovering. In additon to all of that cooking and cleaning several hours of yardwork have worn me out, but it was so wonderful to be outside and regrouping from our strange monsoon season. The roof has been repaired and we are in recovery mode around here in every way. There were an awful lot of leftovers which I am afraid are going to go to waste. I can't deal with wasting food and go to considerable lengths to avoid it. The kids did not love the meal, and I noticed a very clear pattern that the biggest aversion to the dishes served were with the youngest diner (who had probably consumed more candy than anyone else) and decreased with each person as we went up the age scale. Our ages were 13, 17, 18, 33, 47, and 87. The three of us on this side of the hill enjoyed all of the dishes. My daughter, the youngest, snubbed even the crab rangoon, which were prepared especially for her, because they were not deep fried. I hope the fact that the three older of us also got to enjoy wine with our meal was not a factor! The kids especially had a problem with the nut loaf which tasted really good. When asked to explain their non-interest in it they couldn't say much besides the name was a turn off to them, and they still didn't have a better idea about what to eat instead. Some guests said it needed more kick to it, and it may have needed the brewer's yeast which I left out because I didn't have any, and just added a bit of beer instead. Personally I was disappointed in the vegetable dish with manchego almond sauce. It was ok, but didn't live up to my expectations.We're sorry we got so caught up in the holiday that we forgot to take pictures.
     From Meatless Monday's this week I have chosen the following recipe to try with the kids, and will blog about when we do. http://www.meatlessmonday.com/korean-bbq-tofu-tacos/?utm_source=Meatless+Monday&utm_campaign=176686e93f-Eater%27s_Digest_Monday_04_05_2010&utm_medium=email
      Also please take just a couple of minutes to check out the following which has more insight about school lunch;

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