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Wednesday, March 17

Pumpkin Mac and Cheese and Quincy Market Place

     Baked Pumpkin Mac and Cheese This is the recipe that I chose from the offerings at Meatless Monday this week. It caught my attention because macaroni and cheese seems to be my daughter's favorite vegetarian meal, but I have some concern about the saturated fat in most versions. She frowns on all of the different ways I try to sneak vegetables in there, which because of the green color of my usual choices, are perfectly obvious. So I was intrigued with the addition of pumpkin. Since it is a super food it will do much to alleviate my guilt about serving (and eating!) mac and cheese. But I dont think we're quite ready for the full-on vegan version of this dish, and I am thinking about compromising with this one and the one blogged about by Fuji Mama. Of course, I'll report back to you how it all turns out.
     A few days ago I went to the wonderful Quincy Market in Boston. A cook could go nuts there! She could go bananas! Or avacadoes! Mangoes! Greens! Fish! You name it. Most of this stuff is fresh, but fresh off the boat, not the lovely local green-goodness of my hometown farmer's market, but the offerings are amazing, and the prices were unbeatable. I took a few photos for those of you who have never been to Boston. This is where local home cooks and famous chefs go to get their goodies.

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