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Friday, September 3

Beet Greens topped with candied walnuts and coconut crusted sea scallops

     Last night my daughter and I went out for a fantastic dinner of a salmon skin salad with ika maki. Delightful! But today I want to talk about beets. My very nice neighbors shared their beet bounty with me recently. For many years I disliked beets having only had bland beets out of a can as a child and always remembering a horrific taste experience I once had then when washing a bite down with a swig of orange soda. (That tells you a lot about the nutrition parameters of my youth!) Now, as with so many other fresh local, organic goodies I so appreciate beets. So much so that the pile you see below, will be posted about twice. This meal uses only the greens. From here they were chopped off and washed....

Next, while still wet, they were sauteed in a bit of olive oil, butter, garlic, and seaweed gomasio, until soft.

     When fully cooked remove and layer in a serving platter. In the same pan, I use a wok pan, heat a bit of maple syrup or honey (whatever is local and fresh) and then stir fry a handful of walnuts until fully coated and toasted. Sprinkle on top of greens evenly.

     While pan frying I had baked some lovely coconut crusted sea scallops prepared by my fish monger. You could prepare the scallops any way that you like them. These though were delicious. Layer them attractively atop the greens and nuts for a beautiful presentation at the table.

     Here is my serving, just before I devoured it. We had it with roasted potatoes as you can see, but a nice artisan bread would have been a better accompaniment. Next you'll hear about the root of the beet which is actually even yummier!!

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