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Saturday, July 17

Mom's Night Out and Something for the Teens

     Here is a YouTube for the teens made by a teen that they all know who has made his public platform healthy eating. The recipes he is sharing here would be of interest to all ages, but I know the recommendation of what is good is much more powerful coming out of the mouth of a celebrity teenager than from a concerned mom.
     And sometimes Moms need a break, and to go out and share a special meal with only people old enough to share the wine that must accompany the food.
     Last night was one of those. My dining companion and I went to a couple of art openings and then went to dinner at a relatively new restaurant in town. Foregoing the foie gras and kobe steak that was selling briskly, I found a pescetarian feast. I apologize for the quality of the photos. It was a dark and stormy night. Really!
Our appetizer was pan fried oysters on a mango and summer tomato salsa. Light and lovely just as an appetizer should be.

Out palates were refreshed with a cold roasted watermelon soup. Delightful.

My entree was fresh day boat cod served over a crab crusted potato with a sauce that I think was made from saffron and olive oil. I liked the dish a lot - it felt like a treat but didn't induce great guilt.

Still. I have to head off to the gym now...

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