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Wednesday, July 7

Black Bean Corn Salsa and chicken nuggets

      Holidays are so hectic. Have lots of good food stories to share about the holiday weekend, but have been having technical difficulties that are delaying the posts. Highlights were some Asian aduki bean burgers and a blackberry spinach and walnut salad that I made. Also had some fabulous fish tacos. Will rectify these technical glitches as soon as possible.
Black Bean Corn Salsa
      This is my favorite kind of salsa, but I've never made it before. Only bought it in a jar. So I was very excited when Meatless Monday offered this recipe for making it at home. I love that there is a little bit of protein in it, as I am always looking for ways to up the protein in my kid's diet.
     Also saw the following come across my desk yesterday. Not a bad article to share with tweens and teens who are starting to make their own decisions about what goes into their mouth and what doesn't. There is a very common fallacy that chicken nuggets are a healthy food choice for kids. I certainly let my kids eat them regularly when they were little. The truth is prepared thoughtfully at home they may be, but what we get when we are ordering them out is seriously suspect. I am really glad my daughter wont touch these anymore.

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