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Monday, February 15

Eggs Pipérade and more on champions

     I am sharing a recipe that our friends at Meatless Mondays featured today. Eggs Pipérade This is something different than what we usually do with eggs at our house, so I wanted to give it a try. We now have at least one egg based meal per week since we've changed to the pescetarian diet. And I need to expand my egg repertoire accordingly. This one, which doesn't include cheese, will be a good choice for us. I also want to make a case for eggs. You do not need to worry about the cholesterol in eggs if you have eliminated beef and pork from your diet. They are an excellent protien source, and a pretty darn healthy food, especially if you avoid using a lot of butter in preparing them. Give it a try!
     Also, an update about the champion athlete diets. I did do some investigating, looked into the diets of the one still active athlete on the slide show, a football player, as well as Lance Armstrong's, and am absolutely thrilled to report what I found out. Both are pescetarian! They supplement with lots of fish and eggs. Their aim is optimal physical fitness and wellness, which they feel can't be achieved when eating meat. I'm really glad I looked into that!

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