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Wednesday, December 15

New Appliances!!

Have spent quite a bit of time researching and shopping for new kitchen appliances over the last couple of months. This sweet ride has just been installed in my kitchen. Will be up to all kinds of experimentation now. I think of this as the holy trinity of ovens. The nuke above does all kinds of tricks my old one didn't, but the real fun is below. The main oven can turn itself on and off! And it has a convection oven which I have never worked with before. Did you know that convection cooking is greener than conventional? I am most excited about the third oven on the bottom. You can opt for it anytime you don't really need a full oven (which is most of the time for me) and it doubles as a warming oven ~ something I have always wished for. Keeping everything warm has always been my biggest challenge when hosting a nice dinner. So stay tuned for my first trials (and errors). There are going to be a lot of them!

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