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Thursday, October 28

October eats


     I miss seeing Jamie on TV and want to support his ongoing efforts. He offers some Halloween treat ideas at the above link. I'm working on my own menu ideas to feed a few fourteen year olds on Saturday night. I will post about them this weekend. I do think we have to make a special effort to counter all of that candy consumption. I still have trouble not overindulging in candy at this time of year, so how can we expect children to be moderate?

     Here is a photo of a rustic apple tart I recently baked. It was adapted from Pioneer Women's recipe, but I used phyllo dough and tried to go easy on the butter so as not to make it too unhealthy, but that meant it came out too dry. I'm sure it would have come out much better using regular pie dough. That was my very first harvest of organic apples that I grew myself, and it was fun coming up with recipes to use.

Before baking.

After baking.

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