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Friday, September 24

Funky Fish

   I love salmon, it is a superfood, and make a point of eating it once a week on average. It is one of my specialties, and I can cook it in countless ways. I was horrified when I first heard about the so called Frankenstein fish, transgenic salmon, and my immediate reaction was to wail a war cry that it would never, ever cross my lips. But the following post I share with you today presents some interesting food for thought. At the very least, we owe it to our children to study this issue thoroughly without accepting misinformed conclusions, before we decide what we are going to feed them. It is terribly trying that feeding our children has become such a complicated endeavor, but accepting that it has, and taking these decisions seriously, is part of how we model good earth stewardship to them. If you are inclined to skip reading the article here is just the last line, and the writer's conclusion;

     "To my mind, the transgenic salmon is a wise, indeed elegant, contribution to our blind pillaging of our waters."


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